Who are we – BT and Ou

Meet BT (Brian Thomson) and Ou (Oliver Ulle), the digital nomads behind BtOuNews! Growing up, we both shared a passion for travel, and we envisioned ourselves backpacking across borders. We always dreamt of experiencing the world while working and pursuing our professional goals.
Today, we are living our dreams of combining work and travel all thanks to improved technology and a changing job market. We are two young entrepreneurs living a successful travel lifestyle working as website designers and developers. Thanks for stopping by our page. We hope that our story will inspire you to pursue the life that you want.

How we met
We were born and raised in San Francisco, California. We are childhood friends who went to school together, and we’ve been friends since supplementary school. Our friendship was cemented by the common interests that we shared. We were curious to discover the world outside our San Francisco state. We pictured ourselves backpacking around Bangkok, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Our dreams propelled us to work harder in school to get admission to college. We hoped that by getting great college degrees we could get high paying jobs to finance our adventures, but, that was not to be.

How we got started
Just like any other young American chasing the American dream, we worked hard in school and eventually went to college. We experimented with everything and enjoyed the free lifestyle that comes with college life. However, it was not all fun since while we studied, we were working part-time on online jobs as website designers and developers. Each of us worked separately, but our friendship remained intact. At first, we didn’t make much, just enough to get us a good night out and a few drinks with friends.
But with a lot of passion and dedication, real money started trickling in, and with the extra money, we could now afford an annual vacation somewhere warm. With a lot of hard work and determination, our businesses began to flourish, and instead of pursuing a standard career, we decided to quit college and create the adventurous lives that we had always envisioned.

Let The Adventure Begin
It has been over 4 years now since our adventure began. We have traveled and worked all over the world. Since we started working online, we have saved more and traveled more. Our adventure has involved more than 10 countries across the continents. We’ve lived, worked and interacted with people from all over the planet. Our untreatable addiction to explore the world has taken us as far as Tahiti, Myanmar, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Hanoi, Hong Kong and many other places.

Online entrepreneurship is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Making money on the road has allowed us to work as we travel. We’ve spent years exploring beautiful places, towns, cities, tropical beaches, and islands. We have tasted innumerable cuisines and interacted with people from different cultures. We have learned life lessons and received eye-opening information through first-hand interactions.
Travelling the world and working remotely has been a wild ride for us. We travel together and work together. It’s now been over 4 years, and the trip is yet to finish. We’re so addicted that the thought of returning home to San Francisco permanently is currently unwelcome. Instead, we’ve decided to continue working remotely and to keep traveling on and on.
If you want to start traveling fulltime, we are foolproof that it’s possible. Just work hard and save enough to pursue your passion. On this website, we will share our stories and adventures to inspire you on this great quest.