Singapore treating us to yacht parties and new record month

In February 2006, we were thrilled to hit a new record in our online business. It had been long since, and we were working extra hard to break this record. So when it happened, we decided that we had to mark it exceptionally. After various considerations, we decided that there was no better way than Yachting in Singapore!

The yacht was the best choice we have ever made. It was pretty awesome and comfortable with 3 bedrooms, 2 impeccably clean bathrooms, spacious lounge seating. Additionally, the cabin had drink fridges and a grill. We also had a fully trained crew who were very friendly and accommodating.

We boarded the yacht just before sunset and sailed through the clear water over to the southern islands. We watched the sunset as we enjoyed our chilled drinks on the deck, over a variety of grilled seafood and meat.

We spent two remarkable days sailing to islands and watching the sunrise and the sunset. This is what we learned from our sailing trip in Singapore.

1. Turn Your Phone Off
There’s so much to enjoy on a sailing trip, and the last thing you need is a distraction. Take some time to appreciate the surrounding. Take time to relax away from work, but if you must work, the yacht cabins are properly equipped to provide you a place where you can catch up with your work.

2. Be Specific
Let the crew know specifically what you want before boarding. You should be clear on all details regarding your meals and drinks in advance to make sure they have it on board before leaving. Also, it is good to let the captain know the activities that you would prefer in your trip and the places you’d wish to visit in advance.

3. Utilise The Boat
There are so many activities to do while on board. Make the most use of it. Go for a dive, speed boating, and any other water sport. Make use of the yoga instructors and masseuses. Relax with some yoga or get a massage in the comfort of the cabin.

4. Indulge Your Taste Buds
The yacht comes with the luxury of a private chef. The experience is better than in a restaurant since the service is personalized. Whether it is a midnight snack or breakfast at noon, the chef is always ready to give you that special attention.

5. Enjoy the sunsets
A yacht is the greatest place to enjoy the spectacular colors of the sunset. Whether it’s in the onboard spa pool or on the deck, watch as the sun goes down as you enjoy your favorite drink There’s no better experience to make your holiday memorable than sunset enjoyment.