Play online roulette and get a chance to win big

Roulette is one of the most popular games ever in the brick and mortar casino. So it´s no surprise that the game is also very popular in the online casino world. Like at Turbo Casino you can play online roulette at this casino and become eligible for many bonuses and extra´s as you enjoy yourself. Besides roulette, online slots are also very popular. If not, the most popular casino game online besides Roulette. In all online casinos you will find online slots, you choose the casino based on the software providers. All trustworthy online casinos have slot machines from the most welknown slot providers such as NetEnt, Yggdrasill, Betsoft and more, If you want to find a list of fun online casinos which offer all of the above, please take a look at CasinoVIP888.

Roulette game rules

The rules of the game of roulette are not difficult at all. They might seem confusing sometimes, because of the many betting options. But you´ll get the hang of it in no time. Even the purpose of the game is pretty simple. This is to guess the socket in which the ball will end up. You mark your guesses by putting your stake on one of the many options on the table. If you end up having chosen the correct number, you stake will be multiplied by an x amount. The x depends on the bet that you chose. You can chose to play with many different casinos but alle online casinos offer blackjack in their casino games section.

Wagering options with roulette

Don´t get scared by all the different options that might confuse you when you first look at a roulette game. This is not necessary as the roulette table is build up quite logically. On the carpet that covers the table you´ll find all the options. The carpet is usually green, but can occasionally have another colour, like red. By putting your chips in a certain field on the carpet, you decide your bet. You can also decide to put your stake in any corner. This way you bet on 2, 3 or 4 different outcomes at the same time.

Inside bets

Inside bets are bets that you place on the single number fields. Here you can choose a straight up bet (1 number), split bet (2 numbers), street bet (3 numbers in a row), corner (4 numbers in a square) and a line bet (6 numbers in 2 rows).

Outside bets

All the other options are outside bets. We´ll explain them quickly. First is the column bet (bet on an entire column with numbers), then follow the dozen bet (choose 12 numbers in a group), low numbers (1 up to 18), high numbers (19 up to 36), red/black (choose one of the colours) and odd/even. The minimum stake for the outside bet used to be much lower than for inside bets. But when online casinos arrived, this difference has vanished almost completely.

Try your luck

Now that you know how to play a game there´s nothing left to it but to do it. Well, there is one thing. You should find the right casino for you and play online roulette at this casino. At least when you are starting out. When you are new, you are bound to have some questions and to be comfortable asking them, you need to feel at home at the casino. We believe that this will happen at Turbo Casino, but you should decide where you feel best. Now all that´s left for us to do is wish you a great game with lots of wins!