Goodbye Sydney And Thank You

Australia has always been my dream trip, and when I got the chance to travel, the experience in Sydney did not disappoint. The trip to Sydney was amazing, and we went up the Sydney Tower. This was our first experience in the town as we waited to get into our hotel. The tower measures 250 m in height and is the highest point in town. From the tower, we could see the whole city and the view of its landmarks were spectacular.
Along the way, we made some great friends as we toured the beautiful beaches of Sydney. We brushed shoulders with famous photographers, athletes and dog walkers on our multiple leisure walks along the beaches. We went to the Bondi beach where we enjoyed the stunning views of rock formation and refreshing water. We keenly watched as seasoned surfers rode the pounding waves.

We took the time to visit the Toronga Zoo where we interacted with the unique wildlife. We got up close with exotic and native species including giraffes, gorillas, elephants, tigers, leopards, chimpanzees, and the unique species such as Australian sea lions, Komodo dragon, kangaroos, and koalas. We spent the night at the zoo where we stayed in canvas tents and fully immersed ourselves in the wildlife experience. Additionally, we visited the awesome Sydney Aquarium. We encountered different fish species lobsters, crocodiles, and seals. We got a rare view of sharks swimming in the underwater tunnels while hunting fish.

Our trip would not be complete without making a stop at the Sydney Opera House. We had a spectacular view of this architectural masterpiece. We sat through amazing performances by talented artists. We checked out another impressive landmark, the ancient Sydney Harbour Bridge. We strolled across it and ferried on the water beneath it as we immersed ourselves in the beauty of the Sydney coastline. Afterwards, we made a short walk around the water’s edge to the picturesque Royal Botanical Gardens. We were fascinated by the culture of the Aboriginal people, and we learned so much from the tour guide who lead us around the garden and helped us discover more about the Australian native people.

The trip was amazing. We got to dine in the best eateries and experienced fine dining first-hand. We had memorable meals from Asian cuisines to your usual fish and chips. Whether a five is or nine-course menu, their food is delicious, and it is served with matching wines.
We got to do so many other things such as hiking, scenic walks, driving around the beautiful city and interacting with the friendly and helpful locals. The trip was a great experience of our lives, and it will remain in our memories for many years to come. Thank you, Sydney for the memorable experience!