Cleaning out the casino in Cape Town

In our escapades, we’ve lucky to visit one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Cape Town is located at the tip of South Africa, and it’s marked by the iconic backdrop of Table Mountain.

We reveled in the breath-taking sceneries that this seaside destination offers. We had a fantastic time taking game drives in the vast national parks. We discovered its amazing wildlife including the “Big Five” — lion, rhino, buffalo, elephant, and leopard.
We discovered the world-class wine regions with breathtaking sceneries and wine estates. We enjoyed the South African soul food alongside the country’s best wines.

Wine Tasting
We had a gala time visiting the expansive Cape Wineland regions. We enjoyed the tours of the picturesque homesteads, exploring the enormous vineyard, and savoring the exotic food. From game meat to different kinds of fish, they have it all. Cheese and red wine accompanied the mouth-watering soft meat. We cycled and rode around the vineyard discovering the beauty and the spectacular views of the countryside.
We enjoyed the wine tasting events as we discovered the wide range of African cuisine from the local communities. It was interesting to learn how wine is made and to learn of how the flavor plays a big role in determining the color, texture and the wine’s pallet.

Wildlife Encounters
Which is a better way than to kick-start your day with a wildlife venture? Cape Town has great wildlife adventures. The Table Mountain cableway offers a remarkable view over the Cape Peninsula. Watch ostriches, zebras, and wildebeests as you indulge in the famous wines in the wine farms. Visit the Boulder’s beach in Simon’s town to see colonies of African penguins.

The Beaches
Cape Town has beautiful beaches for surfers, long walks, and kite flying. We walked along the sandy beaches, sunbathed and watched people playing volleyball on the shores. It was a great experience!

Cape Town Nightlife
We got a memorable experience of the Cape Town nightlife. There are great bars and glamorous lounges filled with rowdy revelers. The Long Street comes to life under the street lights with nocturnal activities. We indulged in the nightlife in some glamorous spots in the city. From dancing to frenetic beats picked by DJs to karaoke night and live entertainment, Cape Town’s entertainment district has it all.
We went to the casinos for a little rush of gambling. We played in the casino for a few nights, and although we lost a few times, we won in most of the games.