Business and Pleasure in Hong Kong

Whether you are looking for a place to sit back and relax from your everyday hustles and bustles or you are looking for someplace to meet your prospective clients and close that deal, Hong Kong has it all.

Whether it’s your first or tenth visit, Hong Kong is a fun city with so many interesting things to do either for business or pleasure. Hong Kong has a stunning skyline speckled with numerous skyscrapers. It is marked with beautiful landscapes, theme parks, botanical gardens and much more. Hong Kong is known for its financial and business acumen illustrated by beautiful restaurant and hotels. The only thing which is not allowed are online casinos, that’s why you go to thailand for that. Of you want to see some online casino websites and earn real money (ดูเว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์ได้เงินจริงได้ที่นี่), click here!

How to make your Stay in Hong Kong memorable
If you’re visiting Hong Kong, there a few iconic experience that you must have to make your trip a special and memorable one. Here are some that you should try.

1. Victoria Harbour
Take a trip down the Victoria harbor and take a ride on the famous green-bottomed ferries across the harbor. Enjoy the rare ferry drive as you view the stunning Hong Kong skyline. These ferries have been operational since the late 1800s and that short ride will create great memories for years to come.

2. Temple Street Market
Take a walk this old dilapidated and yet picture-perfect Street. Have a taste of the irresistible hot fresh street food. Experience the Chinese tradition of card reading and fortune-telling. Buy beautiful and rare local jewelry from roadside merchandisers. All this and much more on the Temple street market.

3. Food Challenges
Enjoy the exceptional cuisine in this foodie city. Hong Kong is popularly known for its classic dim sum food. Though you may encounter some strange food that is repulsive like bones and chicken feet and food that has an odd smell, the flavors in the food will make you reconsider. The food in Hong Kong is delicious and is worth trying out.

4. Night Life
Enjoy a night of fun and dance at Lan Kwai Fong. The people of Hong Kong know how to work hard as well as party hard. At Lan Kwai Fong is where you’ll find business people, bankers, and stock brokers, letting off steam after a hard day’s work, dancing or binge drinking in one of the nightclubs.

5. Afternoon Shopping At Mong Kok
Shop among throngs of people at Mong Kok which means “prosperous and crowded corner.” There all manner of things including cheap clothes, trinkets, knock-off jewelry, shoes, electronics as well as food.

6. Floating Restaurant
Enjoy some tasty traditional recipe from the wooden boats on Shun Kee floating restaurant. This restaurant in the typhoon shelter has made a return after a threat to hygiene lead to the closure of many similar ones decades ago.

7. Meat Out
Whether in food courts or fine dining Hong Kong will have an assortment of cooked ducks, chickens, sweet and sour pork, and roast pork. All these delicacies are popularly known as Chinese BBQ, and you will see them displayed in the numerous restaurant windows ready for your order.
The people of Hong Kong love pork and are said to consume at least 10 000 pig every day. They are also experts in making pork. The most famous and delicious pork dishes that you should try are barbeque pork and the flavourful char pork.