Play online roulette and get a chance to win big

Roulette is one of the most popular games ever in the brick and mortar casino. So it´s no surprise that the game is also very popular in the online casino world. Like at Turbo Casino. Play online roulette at this casino and become eligible for many bonuses and extra´s as you enjoy yourself. Before getting into this bonus, however, we will first explain the basics of roulette.

Roulette game rules

The rules of the game of roulette are not difficult at all. They might seem confusing sometimes, because of the many betting options. But you´ll get the hang of it in no time. Even the purpose of the game is pretty simple. This is to guess the socket in which the ball will end up. You mark your guesses by putting your stake on one of the many options on the table. If you end up having chosen the correct number, you stake will be multiplied by an x amount. The x depends on the bet that you chose. You can chose to play with many different casinos but alle online casinos offer blackjack in their casino games section.

Wagering options with roulette

Don´t get scared by all the different options that might confuse you when you first look at a roulette game. This is not necessary as the roulette table is build up quite logically. On the carpet that covers the table you´ll find all the options. The carpet is usually green, but can occasionally have another colour, like red. By putting your chips in a certain field on the carpet, you decide your bet. You can also decide to put your stake in any corner. This way you bet on 2, 3 or 4 different outcomes at the same time.

Inside bets

Inside bets are bets that you place on the single number fields. Here you can choose a straight up bet (1 number), split bet (2 numbers), street bet (3 numbers in a row), corner (4 numbers in a square) and a line bet (6 numbers in 2 rows).

Outside bets

All the other options are outside bets. We´ll explain them quickly. First is the column bet (bet on an entire column with numbers), then follow the dozen bet (choose 12 numbers in a group), low numbers (1 up to 18), high numbers (19 up to 36), red/black (choose one of the colours) and odd/even. The minimum stake for the outside bet used to be much lower than for inside bets. But when online casinos arrived, this difference has vanished almost completely.

Try your luck

Now that you know how to play a game there´s nothing left to it but to do it. Well, there is one thing. You should find the right casino for you and play online roulette at this casino. At least when you are starting out. When you are new, you are bound to have some questions and to be comfortable asking them, you need to feel at home at the casino. We believe that this will happen at Turbo Casino, but you should decide where you feel best. Now all that´s left for us to do is wish you a great game with lots of wins!

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Cleaning out the casino in Cape Town

In our escapades, we’ve lucky to visit one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Cape Town is located at the tip of South Africa, and it’s marked by the iconic backdrop of Table Mountain.

We reveled in the breath-taking sceneries that this seaside destination offers. We had a fantastic time taking game drives in the vast national parks. We discovered its amazing wildlife including the “Big Five” — lion, rhino, buffalo, elephant, and leopard.
We discovered the world-class wine regions with breathtaking sceneries and wine estates. We enjoyed the South African soul food alongside the country’s best wines.

Wine Tasting
We had a gala time visiting the expansive Cape Wineland regions. We enjoyed the tours of the picturesque homesteads, exploring the enormous vineyard, and savoring the exotic food. From game meat to different kinds of fish, they have it all. Cheese and red wine accompanied the mouth-watering soft meat. We cycled and rode around the vineyard discovering the beauty and the spectacular views of the countryside.
We enjoyed the wine tasting events as we discovered the wide range of African cuisine from the local communities. It was interesting to learn how wine is made and to learn of how the flavor plays a big role in determining the color, texture and the wine’s pallet.

Wildlife Encounters
Which is a better way than to kick-start your day with a wildlife venture? Cape Town has great wildlife adventures. The Table Mountain cableway offers a remarkable view over the Cape Peninsula. Watch ostriches, zebras, and wildebeests as you indulge in the famous wines in the wine farms. Visit the Boulder’s beach in Simon’s town to see colonies of African penguins.

The Beaches
Cape Town has beautiful beaches for surfers, long walks, and kite flying. We walked along the sandy beaches, sunbathed and watched people playing volleyball on the shores. It was a great experience!

Cape Town Nightlife
We got a memorable experience of the Cape Town nightlife. There are great bars and glamorous lounges filled with rowdy revelers. The Long Street comes to life under the street lights with nocturnal activities. We indulged in the nightlife in some glamorous spots in the city. From dancing to frenetic beats picked by DJs to karaoke night and live entertainment, Cape Town’s entertainment district has it all.
We went to the casinos for a little rush of gambling. We played in the casino for a few nights, and although we lost a few times, we won in most of the games.

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Goodbye Sydney And Thank You

Australia has always been my dream trip, and when I got the chance to travel, the experience in Sydney did not disappoint. The trip to Sydney was amazing, and we went up the Sydney Tower. This was our first experience in the town as we waited to get into our hotel. The tower measures 250 m in height and is the highest point in town. From the tower, we could see the whole city and the view of its landmarks were spectacular.
Along the way, we made some great friends as we toured the beautiful beaches of Sydney. We brushed shoulders with famous photographers, athletes and dog walkers on our multiple leisure walks along the beaches. We went to the Bondi beach where we enjoyed the stunning views of rock formation and refreshing water. We keenly watched as seasoned surfers rode the pounding waves.

We took the time to visit the Toronga Zoo where we interacted with the unique wildlife. We got up close with exotic and native species including giraffes, gorillas, elephants, tigers, leopards, chimpanzees, and the unique species such as Australian sea lions, Komodo dragon, kangaroos, and koalas. We spent the night at the zoo where we stayed in canvas tents and fully immersed ourselves in the wildlife experience. Additionally, we visited the awesome Sydney Aquarium. We encountered different fish species lobsters, crocodiles, and seals. We got a rare view of sharks swimming in the underwater tunnels while hunting fish.

Our trip would not be complete without making a stop at the Sydney Opera House. We had a spectacular view of this architectural masterpiece. We sat through amazing performances by talented artists. We checked out another impressive landmark, the ancient Sydney Harbour Bridge. We strolled across it and ferried on the water beneath it as we immersed ourselves in the beauty of the Sydney coastline. Afterwards, we made a short walk around the water’s edge to the picturesque Royal Botanical Gardens. We were fascinated by the culture of the Aboriginal people, and we learned so much from the tour guide who lead us around the garden and helped us discover more about the Australian native people.

The trip was amazing. We got to dine in the best eateries and experienced fine dining first-hand. We had memorable meals from Asian cuisines to your usual fish and chips. Whether a five is or nine-course menu, their food is delicious, and it is served with matching wines.
We got to do so many other things such as hiking, scenic walks, driving around the beautiful city and interacting with the friendly and helpful locals. The trip was a great experience of our lives, and it will remain in our memories for many years to come. Thank you, Sydney for the memorable experience!

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Singapore treating us to yacht parties and new record month

In February 2006, we were thrilled to hit a new record in our online business. It had been long since, and we were working extra hard to break this record. So when it happened, we decided that we had to mark it exceptionally. After various considerations, we decided that there was no better way than Yachting in Singapore!

The yacht was the best choice we have ever made. It was pretty awesome and comfortable with 3 bedrooms, 2 impeccably clean bathrooms, spacious lounge seating. Additionally, the cabin had drink fridges and a grill. We also had a fully trained crew who were very friendly and accommodating.

We boarded the yacht just before sunset and sailed through the clear water over to the southern islands. We watched the sunset as we enjoyed our chilled drinks on the deck, over a variety of grilled seafood and meat.

We spent two remarkable days sailing to islands and watching the sunrise and the sunset. This is what we learned from our sailing trip in Singapore.

1. Turn Your Phone Off
There’s so much to enjoy on a sailing trip, and the last thing you need is a distraction. Take some time to appreciate the surrounding. Take time to relax away from work, but if you must work, the yacht cabins are properly equipped to provide you a place where you can catch up with your work.

2. Be Specific
Let the crew know specifically what you want before boarding. You should be clear on all details regarding your meals and drinks in advance to make sure they have it on board before leaving. Also, it is good to let the captain know the activities that you would prefer in your trip and the places you’d wish to visit in advance.

3. Utilise The Boat
There are so many activities to do while on board. Make the most use of it. Go for a dive, speed boating, and any other water sport. Make use of the yoga instructors and masseuses. Relax with some yoga or get a massage in the comfort of the cabin.

4. Indulge Your Taste Buds
The yacht comes with the luxury of a private chef. The experience is better than in a restaurant since the service is personalized. Whether it is a midnight snack or breakfast at noon, the chef is always ready to give you that special attention.

5. Enjoy the sunsets
A yacht is the greatest place to enjoy the spectacular colors of the sunset. Whether it’s in the onboard spa pool or on the deck, watch as the sun goes down as you enjoy your favorite drink There’s no better experience to make your holiday memorable than sunset enjoyment.

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Business and Pleasure in Hong Kong

Whether you are looking for a place to sit back and relax from your everyday hustles and bustles or you are looking for someplace to meet your prospective clients and close that deal, Hong Kong has it all.

Whether it’s your first or tenth visit, Hong Kong is a fun city with so many interesting things to do either for business or pleasure. Hong Kong has a stunning skyline speckled with numerous skyscrapers. It is marked with beautiful landscapes, theme parks, botanical gardens and much more. Hong Kong is known for its financial and business acumen illustrated by beautiful restaurant and hotels.

How to make your Stay in Hong Kong memorable
If you’re visiting Hong Kong, there a few iconic experience that you must have to make your trip a special and memorable one. Here are some that you should try.

1. Victoria Harbour
Take a trip down the Victoria harbor and take a ride on the famous green-bottomed ferries across the harbor. Enjoy the rare ferry drive as you view the stunning Hong Kong skyline. These ferries have been operational since the late 1800s and that short ride will create great memories for years to come.

2. Temple Street Market
Take a walk this old dilapidated and yet picture-perfect Street. Have a taste of the irresistible hot fresh street food. Experience the Chinese tradition of card reading and fortune telling. Buy beautiful and rare local jewelry from roadside merchandisers. All this and much more on the Temple street market.

3. Food Challenges
Enjoy the exceptional cuisine in this foodie city. Hong Kong is popularly known for its classic dim sum food. Though you may encounter some strange food that is repulsive like bones and chicken feet and food that has an odd smell, the flavors in the food will make you reconsider. The food in Hong Kong is delicious and is worth trying out.

4. Night Life
Enjoy a night of fun and dance at Lan Kwai Fong. The people of Hong Kong know how to work hard as well as party hard. At Lan Kwai Fong is where you’ll find business people, bankers, and stock brokers, letting off steam after a hard day’s work, dancing or binge drinking in one of the nightclubs.

5. Afternoon Shopping At Mong Kok
Shop among throngs of people at Mong Kok which means “prosperous and crowded corner.” There all manner of things including cheap clothes, trinkets, knock-off jewelry, shoes, electronics as well as food.

6. Floating Restaurant
Enjoy some tasty traditional recipe from the wooden boats on Shun Kee floating restaurant. This restaurant in the typhoon shelter has made a return after a threat to hygiene lead to the closure of many similar ones decades ago.

7. Meat Out
Whether in food courts or fine dining Hong Kong will have an assortment of cooked ducks, chickens, sweet and sour pork, and roast pork. All these delicacies are popularly known as Chinese BBQ, and you will see them displayed in the numerous restaurant windows ready for your order.
The people of Hong Kong love pork and are said to consume at least 10 000 pig every day. They are also experts in making pork. The most famous and delicious pork dishes that you should try are barbeque pork and the flavourful char pork.

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Who are we – BT and Ou

Meet BT (Brian Thomson) and Ou (Oliver Ulle), the digital nomads behind BtOuNews! Growing up, we both shared a passion for travel, and we envisioned ourselves backpacking across borders. We always dreamt of experiencing the world while working and pursuing our professional goals.
Today, we are living our dreams of combining work and travel all thanks to improved technology and a changing job market. We are two young entrepreneurs living a successful travel lifestyle working as website designers and developers. Thanks for stopping by our page. We hope that our story will inspire you to pursue the life that you want.

How we met
We were born and raised in San Francisco, California. We are childhood friends who went to school together, and we’ve been friends since supplementary school. Our friendship was cemented by the common interests that we shared. We were curious to discover the world outside our San Francisco state. We pictured ourselves backpacking around Bangkok, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Our dreams propelled us to work harder in school to get admission to college. We hoped that by getting great college degrees we could get high paying jobs to finance our adventures, but, that was not to be.

How we got started
Just like any other young American chasing the American dream, we worked hard in school and eventually went to college. We experimented with everything and enjoyed the free lifestyle that comes with college life. However, it was not all fun since while we studied, we were working part-time on online jobs as website designers and developers. Each of us worked separately, but our friendship remained intact. At first, we didn’t make much, just enough to get us a good night out and a few drinks with friends.
But with a lot of passion and dedication, real money started trickling in, and with the extra money, we could now afford an annual vacation somewhere warm. With a lot of hard work and determination, our businesses began to flourish, and instead of pursuing a standard career, we decided to quit college and create the adventurous lives that we had always envisioned.

Let The Adventure Begin
It has been over 4 years now since our adventure began. We have traveled and worked all over the world. Since we started working online, we have saved more and traveled more. Our adventure has involved more than 10 countries across the continents. We’ve lived, worked and interacted with people from all over the planet. Our untreatable addiction to explore the world has taken us as far as Tahiti, Myanmar, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Hanoi, Hong Kong and many other places.

Online entrepreneurship is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Making money on the road has allowed us to work as we travel. We’ve spent years exploring beautiful places, towns, cities, tropical beaches, and islands. We have tasted innumerable cuisines and interacted with people from different cultures. We have learned life lessons and received eye-opening information through first-hand interactions.
Travelling the world and working remotely has been a wild ride for us. We travel together and work together. It’s now been over 4 years, and the trip is yet to finish. We’re so addicted that the thought of returning home to San Francisco permanently is currently unwelcome. Instead, we’ve decided to continue working remotely and to keep traveling on and on.
If you want to start traveling fulltime, we are foolproof that it’s possible. Just work hard and save enough to pursue your passion. On this website, we will share our stories and adventures to inspire you on this great quest.

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